KŠK kovoobrábění s.r.o. was established in 1992 as a small family business of Božena Kokošková, which was initially engaged in piece, small-series machine production on conventional machine tools. In 2016, we expanded the factory premises and transferred the business to a new level under KŠK kovoobrábění s.r.o.

Nástroje CNC

We have implemented modern technologies into production. The spectrum of our production has gradually changed to general engineering production. We now work mainly for the energy industry, machine manufacturers and services, as well as suppliers of parts for the automotive industry.

We guarantee high quality workmanship and careful output control. Modern technologies such as CNC lathes ensure the maximum possible production accuracy. We are flexible and we can process an order from a large customer as well as produce an order of several pieces.

Today, we are a strong and stable company with a wide range of production options, focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to many years of experience of several generations in the field, we can also offer you advice on the issue. We are a family business with superior quality of work.